I think in my box truck I’ll have two 6V deep cycle golf cart batteries wired in series. I’ll do my deep charges through my converter and shore power. I’m going to leave my system in DC, because I won’t have a lot to run in the box truck- just my water pump, a few lights, and whatever gadgets I need to charge. I don’t need a refrigerator, microwave, or TV, and my stove and water heater run on propane. I’ll install cigarette lighter hubs to charge my gadgets.

Here are some of the videos and sites that have been helpful to me.

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shower + closet framing + new stove

Here are the latest updates! The shower is in place and lined with cedar. The closet is framed and I’m utilizing its structure for a shelf in my bedroom area, and medicine cabinets for mirrors to make the space look bigger. I have a wonderful new fancy stove which will run on propane. I’m researching how to properly vent it.

Next I’ll put up some walls and start the plumbing.

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new video

Here’s a tour of the box truck!

Making furniture!

Here are some process photos from making a multifunctional piece of furniture. It is a bench for sitting and hanging out that someone will be able to sleep on. It’s also a big cabinet for storage. And, there’s a piano hinge on part of it so I can unfold a little table and have a place to eat and write.

Very exciting! Next I’ll finish the walls of my bedroom, then install the shower and do the plumbing.

Thanks for continuing to write me! I’m sorry I can be so slow to respond. I very much like hearing about everyone’s projects. I’ll post some of the emails I’ve gotten recently sometime soon. Feel free to contact me!

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constructing new doors and installing them!



I’m so grateful that I have friends willing to help me with the box truck. This series of photos is from a weekend of working to make new doors, then install them.  I can’t believe it! I’m very happy to be rid of the roll-up doors and now have hinge doors. I’m also very happy to have skilled and generous friends.




























the box truck lately

It’s been a while!

I’m still working on it! Here’s what’s been happening- the kitchen is beginning to take shape because there are cabinets, a countertop, and sink ready to be caulked in place. I can imagine myself cooking in this space. Very exciting.ImageThere was a point in time when I thought the insulation was done, but there was only a 1/2″ of rigid foam and that really just wouldn’t have been enough. So, I added much more. There’s a layer of foil bubble underneath an inch of rigid foam, with spray foam to fill the cracks. There’s a 1/2″ of rigid foam that runs vertical behind the rub boards and e-track, then another 1/2″ that fits horizontal in the space that’s left. Right now it’s taped in place, but the paneling that I affix to the rub board will hold it in place.


ImageThere used to be a wall in the box truck, making it impossible to access driving area. Now it’s open and I can get in and out that way if I want to. Later I’ll make a curtain to separate my living space from the front.


Progress on the box truck happens really slowly, but I’m certain I’ll finish this.

What are the next steps?

  • insulate the ceiling and floor
  • frame out the bathroom
  • get solar panels, inverter, batteries and begin wiring
  • plan the storage bench that will also have a fold-out table
  • begin plumbing, get hardware
  • build cabinet for water tank
  • get skylights and install them

my goodness

Hello! I’m still working on the box truck, just very slowly. I’ll update more thoroughly soon about what little progress has happened, and explain some of the decisions I’ve made. I just wanted to say thanks for continuing to write me and offer advice and ask questions… I really appreciate it! I’m sorry if I haven’t responded! I’m very slow sometimes with emails.

Below is a video of a vandweller who is casually interviewed and it’s quite nice. I recommend it!

Thanks for writing to me!

I’ve received some interesting comments and emails lately that I’d like to share.

First, I wanted to share this picture sent to me by someone that regularly follows my blog.

photoIn his words:

I skirted it down the side, removed roll up door and added a heavy duty man door, built the back bumper, added some toolboxes. Built these alum steps that hinge into the floor.

I have been a full timer rv-er for 20 years, big fifth wheel, just my wife and I and two german shepherds now, kids are off on their own.  I have a truck repair business, where I do a lot of custom work, including building big rigs too pull big fifth wheel Rv trailers.

photo(2)Above is his truck with the “slide out Genny,  this is a loud model, you would want a Honda inverter based model.”

I like hearing about other peoples’ projects. I got another comment from someone else interested in my blog and box truck. They said:

I found your site a few months ago when first searching the idea of box truck dwellings.  We had been tossing the idea around for a while and were curious what was already out there on the subject.  Yours was the first site we encountered, and was extremely helpful for that reason alone.  My wife and I are currently shopping/searching for a truck and are planning on doing almost the exact same thing as you, so we’ve enjoyed reading everything on your site so far.  I’m especially curious what you find out from your welder.  We have been looking for a box truck with swing doors, but it limits the field by a ridiculous amount.  I talked with a guy that sells used commercial trucks and he said he wouldn’t do the roll-up door to swing door conversion, but didn’t offer any reasoning.  At the time, we thought we had found a swing door truck online that we wanted, so we didn’t push too much for his explanation.  Please let us know what you find out.  Being able to make that conversion could be huge.  We’re also planning on doing a blog and have been doing research and saving money for a while.  We hope to have a truck by the end of summer.  I look forward to talking to you more in the future.

I can’t exactly articulate why I’m sharing these things, except to say that I’m glad to hear about people’s personal experiences. It’s nice to see a completed project and have the advice that comes from experience, and it’s nice to have a conversation with someone who (like me) is at the beginning of their project and just needs to talk about it! I also recently got an email from someone who is opening a restaurant in London inside a caboose. They said:

We’re currently building our own custom made caboose, from which we’re going to sell slow-smoked barbecue and big salads with an indoor dining area in the back.
Conceptually, the inside space will have a ‘log cabin’ feel about it. The entire thing will be made out of wood (a lot of it vintage reclaimed), and the fixtures and fittings will all be of the ‘era’ and hand chosen/restored by us.
Due to its small size we’ve had to be very innovative with its design, especially seating-wise.

cabooseYou can follow the progress of the restaurant here.


In short- I’m glad to be in touch with all you nice people! The varied projects I hear about are really great.

Thanks for writing to me!

I’m still here!

I didn’t make any progress on the box truck over the long winter. Sickness, sadness, inclement weather, and too little money were constant obstacles. Despite all this lack of progress, I’m still very excited to work on this project and make this thing my home.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Consulting with someone who understands solar panels and batteries.
  • Getting in touch with a welder, because I want to replace the roll-up door with a hinge door; create a mounting bracket for the solar panels on the roof; secure the water tank to the frame of the truck.
  • Finalizing the measurements for the floor plan, which I did by using painter’s tape on the floor.
  • Creating an campaign with Indiegogo for my project. I do not have any money for this project and very little progress can be made until I do something about funds.
  • Making a plan for what can happen once (if) I get money for this.


Below is a video where I give a tour of the box truck and show off my ideas! Enjoy!


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